About Me

About Me


Boo Dillon Illustration was officially established in 2013 by Jo Harris a life-long Illustrator, curator, collector (magpie) and maker of interesting things. 

Jo was born and raised in London, moving to the beautiful Cotswolds countryside in 2010 to study Illustration at the University of Gloucestershire before moving to Henley-on-Thames to be nearer her beloved river and her Canadian canoe.

Brought up in a very literary home in the 70's & 80's, there was a cornucopia of illustrative influence around at all times - none more so than the joyous Car Boot Sale finds every weekend, such as old Mandy, Bunty and Girl Annuals from the 50's, 60's and 70's. 

In her 20's, Jo experienced an adventurer's lifestyle living in Japan, then Australia and spending a large part of a decade travelling to and around other countries - meeting new people and experiencing new cultures keeping A4 sized journals in which the back half were always reserved for drawing.

Finally settling down, the breadth of knowledge and experience has all manifested itself in a traditional, nostalgic style, with some form of subversion never being too far away in order to keep the overall image from getting too comfortable with itself.

Recently Jo's work has had a geometric flavour with a heavy leaning towards anthropomorphism.  On the whole the juxtaposition of opposing elements as a theme - innocence with malevolence - human with animal and all underpinned by a liberal use of nostalgic colour schemes. 

Jo now runs her business Boo Dillon Illustration and keeps creating work in her spare time.  Along with the range of Boo Dillon products, Jo has applied her illustrative skills to commissions and would be happy to discuss any project ideas you may have: info@boodillon.co.uk